Kazakhstan: zinc and copper mining

Historically, Kazakhstan one of the largest zinc and copper producers in the world

A number of medium-to-large open-pit mines which have been in continuous operations since the 60’s or earlier

In total, several billion tons of low-grade waste dumps accumulated over life-time of mines across the country

With open-pit production in decline, the government encourages dump processing to extract remaining metals

Well-developed mining infra-structure and experienced labor force – both locally and country-wide

Prices for raw materials


Lead shows stability

The copper market has recovered and is growing

Source: London metal exchange

Contract area

2.43 km²

Geological takeout area
87,946.7 thous. m³

volume of dumps
158,304.1 thous. tons

Weight of dumps

Contract area

Contract № 44-80-ТПИ from 06.11.2014 for exploration of non-ferrous metals: lead, zinc, copper from industrial dumps of Zyryanovsk mine (preferential right for extraction)

Geological takeout area 2.43 km2

Volume of dumps 87,946.7 thous. m3

Weight of dumps 158,304.1 thous. tons

Contract area coordinates

North latitude East longitude
1 49°44’42” 84°19’00”
2 49°44’56” 84°19’06”
3 49°44’27,9” 84°19’23,2”
4 49°43’53,9” 84°19’2,8”
5 49°43’47” 84°19’19”
6 49°43’23” 84°19’50”
7 49°43’00” 84°19’19”
8 49°43’40” 84°18’17”
9 49°44’10” 84°18’50”

Zyryanovsk on map

About our Project

Dumps of  Zyryanovsky mine

Dumps were formed during the period 1955 to 1979 by storing off-balance ores and overburden from the Zyryanovsk deposit

Zyryanovsk deposit is one of the richest polymetallic deposits of the USSR

Both the highway and the railway are in immediate proximity. Zyryanovsk is located 160 km from city Ust-Kamenogorsk on the highway and 183 km on the railway

Zyryanovsk factory is located 1 km away from the dumps

There is a lot of skilled labor in Zyryanovsk city

Power line passes through the territory of the dumps

Dumps located on the border of Zyryanovsk city, East Kazakhstan region

kazakhstan – one of the leaders in the market of raw materials

Kazakhstan has produced:

The «KAZ Minerals» Group and the «Kazakhmys» Corporation produce almost the entire volume of copper in the country. Apart from copper, «KAZ Minerals» produces zinc, whose market is clearly led by LLP «Kazzinc».

Source: U.S. Geogical Survey, 2014 Minerals Yearbook, Kazakhstan Advance Release


Dumps are still under review and at present they can be conservatively estimated as follows:
Average value by elements:
Element Value Current metal reserves
Zn 0.25% 395 760 t
Pb 0.27% 427 421 t
Cu 0.06% 94 982 t
Kozhakhmetov Olzhas (experienced geologist, AusIMM member) estimated the resources of the dumps. Laboratory services were made by SGS Russia

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